Save data on the blockchain with a self-hosted account

This feature enables DotWallet users to save data to the blockchain themselves using their own private key. To use this feature you must also have set up a server to handle signiture requests.

DotWallet user push chain data

Param Required Description
coinType YES support coin type, only BSV
email YES dotwallet user email
opreturn YES text string(not hex string) or PkScript’s rawhex (hex string)
signCallback YES sign call back server
  "coinType": "BSV",
  "email": "",
  "opreturn": "this is push chain data test.",
  "signCallback": "http://signServer/"

Returned Data when correct:

  "code": 0,
  "data": {
    "orderID": "7995ab2f-438f-40fc-89f2-beea0e9c58c0",
    "txID": "413c741d841faa6663a267dee8303dcc75f791df176ce1d2e8f03eb7bfccc60c",
    "fee": 134
  "msg": "ok"

Return param Description:

Param Description
orderID Order uuid
txID BSV txid
fee Miner fee